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  An example plan explained

Let's check out an example of what you'll be doing

This menu plan is from my 7-Day Emotional Eating Action Plan Workbook (it's in the meal plan bonus section, and comes with all the recipes).
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You can get the recipe for the 'Homemade Cereal of Awesome' and the 'Coconut Flour Carrot Brownie' from my blog.

Top tips:

  • Make-ahead breakfasts are amazing for creating smooth mornings.
  • By using a couple of make-ahead recipes, and making sure dinner has enough leftovers for lunch, I'm able to make three meals a day, for seven days and cook only 8-9 times.
  • Building treats and yummy food into your meal plan is key to long-term success. If you hate what you're eating, your willpower will NOT be enough to keep you going.
  • Try to plan meals that are large enough, and balanced in macronutrients (more on this later) so that you don't have to snack. If you do want to keep snacking, make sure you plan this too.

Now, how do you choose what meals to put into your plan? Go to the next lesson and get sorted.